Saturday, 11 June 2022

June 2022 - Finally back out once again!

Three months since last entry and the world continues to change and affecting everyone’s lives in one way or another but at least now ‘Covid19’ although it will never go away, is finally taking a back seat and mixing with people without the need of masks and distancing is once again almost the normal. At least that is a positive step forward but one of the few in the current climate. 

The world as we know is changing again all because of a handful of individuals who seem to know better than others but the fact of the matter they are just idiots, thick as two short planks, escaped from the aylsum and clearly they include Putin and Boris Johnson who is just a fool, untrustworthy and a lier! Anyway. enough of that! 

For me, the last couple of months has seen a vast improvement compared with the previous two years. Yes I have finally manage to get out once again and it could not come soon enough! Beginning of April, I met up unexpectantly with Angela, a girl from Knutsford and a nice evening was had but more importantly it was finally nice to get ready and get out again. However, the getting ready part took two days as I needed to shave so that was done the day before, strangely feeling better for it too. Then getting ready was to select an outfit but finally got there with a skirt and top! Although I had faith in myself in going out again, I had lacked a bit of confidence but something that will come back in time was my thought. Regardless the feeling afterwards from the outing was one of relief and needed to do it again.

Two weeks later, I had arranged to meet up with Carole who I had last seen in September last year but on this occasion we agreed to meet in the Village, Manchester being sort of half way point between us. We met to late afternoon and had tea at the Richmond Tea Rooms which had moved since I last visited the Village, some two and half years ago! What other changes would there be? The reason for the early meeting time as Carole had work the following day so no late night stay up as such. However, I had already got out of practice of having late nights and I must admit the thought of late night after midnight is not something I fancied anyway! Being a little older, I am not sure my body, let alone brain would entertain the idea. Having selected a straight everyday dress for my outfit, Carole and I had a good time, lovely food at Richmond Tea Rooms, visited a couple of bars including Oscars which Carole had never been before. Unknown to us there was entertainment in the form of darg queen singer ‘Vivenne’ and we ended up staying there longer than anticipated mainly because ’Vivenne’ was a very good singer and kept us entertained. We eventually called it a night at 22.30hrs and ended home, well we had been out for over six hours already! As for the Village, there were people about, a few changes including new buildings on what was waste land as well as significant increase in car park charges too! Most of the bars / clubs were still there from 2019 but still 2/3 empty locations as well as the demise of Napoleans too. 

Unfortunately, I only manage to get out once in May but never the less I got out. Met up with Carole in the Village again, but this time on a Wednesday which was the traditional night at the Village for girls like us. Again we went to the Richmond Tea Rooms for tea at 17.00hrs and most enjoyable food too. After that headed to the Molly House as we were aware that other girls were meeting there and eventually there was about 15 or so girls, just like old times in the Village. Carole and I manage to chat some of the girls include Sarah and Sally. Afterwards we all headed for Oscars but the time had come to go home. As mentioned previously, late nights are just not quite in me again and Carole was working following morning. So once again, a good night was had  and now getting back into the swing of things once again. 

Well that is enough for this entry, although I have more to write but that become my next blog entry in due course. For now I will look forward to my next outing later this month. 

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