Friday, 10 September 2021

September 2021 - Going out?

It is now September and Covid 19 ‘lockdowns’ lifted so a sense of normality is coming back, well almost as it more like a ‘new’ normality. The harsh reality that Covid 19 has not gone away, still very much around and as I write this entry, the virus is on the increase again which is no surprise. Yes the Government is relying on vaccine to do its job, i.e. reduce the risk as well as about 85% population now vaccinated. Just leaves the other 15% which for numerous reasons, those people will not get one! Bottom line, we cannot remain in lockdown for ever but not 100% convinced we will not have another lockdown during the winter sometime? In the meantime, the Government and relevant parties now need to crack on with booster Covid jabs as well as the flu jab as delay it anymore will cause numerous issues, including an increase in deaths may be? 

I must admit, by now I thought I would of finally got out at least once if not twice to meet friends but guess, I’m still waiting (a song by Diana Ross I recall)! Oh yes, some past problems have re-surfaced again and its called ‘work’, mmmm no surprise there! Yes, I finally recalled back to work at beginning of August after 16 months on furlough and it was abit of a shock to the system! Consequently, I have decided to make some changes to my working life and this will come to an end next year. This should give more time to more things including being ‘me’! In the meantime, My opportunities getting out once again dominated by work schedules and finding the right time / day to meet friends which currently not crossing paths. Anyway, I am slightly optimistic this may change in the next couple of weeks. Fingers cross.

While there have been lockdowns, I did seek the opportunity to contact ‘new’ girls  and if you read my previous recent entries, you will gather that I have done. With the exception of a couple girls, friends of yesteryear have now become just that ’yesteryear’. As I have written before, I have attempted to maintain some contact with ‘yesteryear’ friends but no joy so I am not waiting around anymore and will now attempt to meet ‘new’ friends whom seem to have more common interests in what I am looking for. If you unsure what they are, simply friendly, approachable, courteous, good sense of humour, caring and similar tastes / view in the fashion stakes too. Oh yes, happy to meet too. So for the time being I am concentrating on new found contacts and making efforts to get to know each other better rather than seek any more ‘new’ friends. 

My sales on Ebay are still progressing albeit slowly and now thinkning of adding a few more items to be sold in time for winter. Looking at my wardrobe, still have too many clothes, so another sort out on the cards. One thing I have noted my own preference has shifted to towards dresses rather than top / skirt so may be that is where the hit will be? 

Health wise I am fine thankfully but both M.R. and I are still attempting to recover from the ‘void’ from our lives but very sadly we both realise we doubt that we will ever recover from it as everyday there are constant reminders, not just at home but when we go out too. Every now and then, something we see or hear, brings it all  back and more tears are shed in the proccess. God it is sad and it emotionally hurts, life can be so cruel! 

Until the next time, when hopefully I have news of an outing or two, all stay safe. x

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