Monday, 14 June 2021

June 2021 - Moving On?

To answer the last question from my previous entry, it is actually no! Still waiting to get out but may be that now be next month or August all being well even under current lockdown restrictions. As I write this, I will assume the Government have decided to extend the current (reduced) restrictions for another four weeks which I think is the right decision. I must admit, this does not affect me as I have no intention in meeting people in groups etc, as for the time being, one to one meets are more than acceptable especially in off peak periods. However, we will wait and see.

As for life in general, things could always be better but of late it has been difficult. Although I touch upon a riddle in the third paragraph of my last entry, things since then have turned as expected but not knowing long it would be and sadly our worst fears have been realised over two weeks ago. Just say, it has been emotionally heartbreaking and we (M.R. and I) have now a big big void in our lives and life will never be the same again. Currently I find this situation challenging on a daily basis with some days better than others, not knowing what the right thing I should be doing at any given moment, as my thoughts keep drifting away! In the meantime, I am also recovering from a recent small operation were it meant maintaining my distance from people, although that is easy enough in the current climate. Regardless my recovery is going better than expected.

On the Ebay front, a number of clothes have been sold already which is additional pocket money for the future but still have some clothes still waiting for bids. Time and patience, they will go eventually. In the meantime, I have been going through my past photo pictures, deleting numerous unwanted pictures but also coming across pictures that I had completley forgotten about, especially from over ten years ago! Some are now appearing on my photo stream in consequence. I must admit, a handful of them were better than expected and even I think they look at least OK if not good! 

Still in contact with my friends but we feel now, we are finally getting closer to meeting finally. Mmmm long overdue and I cannot wait now. Will I remember how to get ready, apply my make-up and look presentable? Hopefully I will but I imagine, it will take me a initially bit longer to get ready before the nerves start shaking before leaving the front door! I’ve forgotten what that was like! 

Well that is enough for this entry and may be good news will be written in my next entry, as and when. 

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