Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Sixteen Months!

It has been four months since my last entry and also my first one for this year too! However, not much to write about so I decided to wait to make an entry.

The title of the entry is ‘Sixteen Months’ and why, if you have not figured it out already? Simply that is how long since I have been me and gone out too. Ask yourself the question, would you think at that time it be that long before you could get out again and the answer simply is no. Wow! However, with the exception of the people in China (attempting to cover it up and a lot to answer for too), no one knew what was coming and how it would change everyone’s lives for the future. So how life has changed along with the thousands upon thousands of lives lost in consequence too. The world is a different place now. 

As we all know, everyday life has been put on hold and social mixing of any sort has not been the done thing. This has hit me (and others) in an unexpected way but that I have accepted as there are more important things in life to concern yourself with. Regardless, it has been frustrating but is there now light at the end of very long tunnel. Pandemic restrictions are gradually being lifted as the everyday situation improves along with over half of the UK polulation has now had a vaccine jab of one sort or another which helps to reduce the risk of getting serious Covid 19. Does this mean I am any nearer in getting out again soon? May be yes, may be no, as I still think we need to wait until end of May to make sure that there are no hiccups and we don’t go backwards again. Fingers cross, it continues to improve. Regardless, it cannot come soon enough to be me and get out again.

In the meantime, other aspects of my life have been different, difficult and sometimes quiet too. Here is not the place to write about it unfortunately but I have had better days on occasions along with knowing that something is going to happen in the future is going to hit M.R. and myself very hard emotionally, something neither of us are looking forward too but in the meantime make the most of what we have on a daily basis. Sorry for the riddle but here is not the place to write about it. Also with the current restrictions which are getting better, our main priority is see our family again, something like countless other people have been waiting to do. Hopefully in mid May this will all change, fingers cross. 

Currently I remain in contact with three experience girls on a regular basis, strangely none of whom I have met yet but we are hoping to put that right in the summer. They have been my saviour and keeping me sane too, therefore it has been appreciated for your contact too. Thank you. 

I was in regular contact with another girl but she has not communicated for two months but I have figured she needs to sort herself out in her head and sadly I don’t have any more patience for her. So if you are reading this, then please don’t contact me. To be honest this girl has become the straw that finally broke the camels back. I have always had time for ‘new’ girls, those who are commencing their journey and was always happy to offer encouragement, advice, my experience and information, along with ultimately offering to meet them. However over the last two / three years, it has become a source of frustration with the girls you are wishing to help, they tend to have ‘reasons’, some genuine. some not for wanting to get progress. The reality though, most are not prepared to think for them selves, think outside the box and hoping you have all the answers to their problems. Of course I don’t but I have now had enough of ‘new / beginner’ girl timewasters. So decided for once and for all, time for me to get on with MY life what is left of it as I am not getting younger for sure! 

Finally, my wardrobe is slowly getting smaller as I have now had a good sort out. Some clothes going on Ebay, with other clothes will be on their way to a local charity shop. How many clothes does a girl need? I have far too many and I can only wear one item at a time anyway. 

Well that is enough for now, not sure when my next entry will be but could be a few weeks / months, just no idea. Regardless hopefully by the time of the next entry, I have been out and met a friend or two. 

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  1. I can imagine how difficult this must have been. I guess in some ways we should be grateful that we are still alive, nor are we damaged by "long Covid". But the psychological toll is unquestionable. The only good thing I can see is that a facemask means less makeup is needed!

    I think late spring/ early summer will see a return to a situation where meeting up becomes possible again.

    Sue x