Saturday, 19 December 2020

December 2020 - Wow, now 12 months since …….

Another two months gone by since my last entry. Well has anything really changed either, simply no. What did I expect? Are we any nearer to a ‘new’ normal? Well that depends on how we see things I suppose. Majority of people are pinning their hopes on vaccines doing their trick and fortunately one / two vaccines are now being rolled out very slowly but it is a start, which has got to be good news. However, clearly everyone getting a vaccine is going to take sometime and I suspect middle of next year could be close to a ‘new’ normal. Certainly as far MR and I are concerned, we are looking at early spring for vaccine may be? 

First, we have Christmas in a few days and by all accounts we are able to have upto 3 families mixing in a period of 5 days over Christmas although the Covid 19 will not be having a holiday though! I understand the reasons / logic of the Government making this decision BUT I am not sure it is such a wise thing to do. As some have said this will cost lives and is that really worth it? Yes, I know compromises have got to be made with families, going to work, shopping etc and got to find the right balance BUT how can you say that to a family member who has just lost a loved one due to Covid 19 because of the increase social activity over the Christmas period? As I write this, more Government discussions are going on because of an increase in cases over the last few days and whether to revised the decision or add additional restrictions to limit the impact? Regardless, I can see an increase in Covid 19 cases at the beginning of 2021 which will just prolong the nation’s agony! I hope I am wrong but I am not on my own thinking that! 

No doubt you may ask what we doing for Christmas? A fair question too. Well currently and under the Government guidlines, we are planning to see four members of our immediate family on Christmas Day! However, we all are going to have Covid 19 test 2/3 days before hand to make sure (at that time) we are clear. Well that is plan and who knows if it proceeds? I understand the need to see the family, yes it would be nice but as MR and I are the elder statepersons in the family, we importantly need to maintain social distancing and look after our welfare. So it comes back to my reservations, we so far manage to see the year out without health issues, I now would like to see the new year too. All will be revealed in my next bog entry sometime in the future. 

Now an explanation of my blog entry title header. Much to my amazement, it has been twelve months since I have been ‘me’ which is something I never encounted or expected to happen! Last time I had been dressed and gone out was 15th December 2019. Little did I think that be the last time and further more go through the whole of 2020 without going out! Wow! As I have indicated previously, I do not dress at home not without going out, it is not something I do although M.R. said I could dress at home but it is not what I am about. Yes enjoy dressing, being ‘me’ of course but it is more than just that. May be some girls will understand my thoughts, may be others don’t? Well, it is going to be a little more time and patience before things will change and the day will arrive to finally get out. Just say hopefully sometime in 2021, sooner the better! 

I do know, I will get some opportunities to get out in 2021 as I have stayed in contact with some girls and provisionally made some plans to meet up. This is keep me going in a small way knowing I do have something to look forward too. I also a ‘make over’ in abeyance too which something is to look forward too as well. This may give me the opportunity to try a different look or two also which I am open too. Well no harm in trying another style / look is there, I may just surprise myself!

Watching TV last night, someone ask what was your highlight of the year if any? This was an interesting question and think for most people, you be hard pressed to give a highlight for this year. M.R and I thought about this question and all we could come up with, was having two weekends with our grandchild in September and that is it! That tells a story about this year sadly! 

Well time to go, enough said for this entry, may be the last one for this year? Just leaves me to wish everyone a decent Christmas of some sort, along with a reasonable New Year too. May be better than expected, I sincerely hope so.  Take care and stay safe. 


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