Sunday, 4 October 2020

October 2020 - Further away than ever!

Looking out of the window on a miserable rain sodden afternoon seems to sum up current life as we know it. On the bright side, most people I am sure we be staying indoors and keeping away from others as they should be doing! 

Strangely, this blog is suppose to be about my life as K.D. but given the present circumstances, there is not much I am able to write about me as life is dominated by outside factors. However, I will write ‘my’ thoughts first before other things in life which are dominated by one subject!  

If you had read my last entry, I was thinking about getting out again in some capacity as the lockdown situation seem to be improving but even I was writing that entry, clearly there was doubts whether the situation was improving. Well as we all know now especially those living in the North, the whole Covid 19 situation is getting worst and no signs it will get better any time soon. So I am now forgetting all thoughts about going out meeting others this year as it seems it not going to happen anyway! All I say is ‘Wow’, I never expected or dreamt that it would over 12 months at least in not being me. Fortunately, I have never looked too far in advance it would be this long, had I done, may be I could of cracked up by now, so sanity prevails! May be I just be content and say I will get out next year in 2021 which is only a few months away! 

Still in contact with a handful of girls from time to time but even there it is hard to chat about girly things as it has been so long since we have done anything, so we end chatting about other things in life! However, at least I know I am not on my own regarding being frustrated, attempting to have patience, as well as looking forward, hard that may seem to be! There will be light eventually, just need to know when?

As you are able to gather, still under the ‘Covid 19’ cloud and currently after a few improved months, we are now heading back on the road to hell with the increase rate of infections and winter is not far away either. According to some, another 6 months before there may be some daylight! Oh joy of joy’s and clearly a long tunnel ahead of us. I and certainly many many others have completely lost any faith (what little there was to begin with) with what ever comes out from the Government mouths, as clearly they got no idea what is going on. They say one thing, the opposite is actually happening and yet they have had many many months to get things into place, yet they remain sitting on their arses, appear to be doing nothing other than looking dumb, a state of confusion reigns and numerous people doing their own thing across the country! Absolutely brilliant don’t you think? 

Closer to home, life remains the same, M.R. and I remain in our own bubble. M.R. still surviving at work with no adverse affect fortunately and I start my seventh month of being furloughed with no sign of going back to work. When I mean no sign that includes no communication with employer other than the once a month e/mail to extend my furlough! Well, something will have to change at the end of this month for sure as the furlough scheme finishes so is it back to work in some capacity or finally it is the end for me? In some ways, I already accepted my fate sadly. While M.R. at work, I still finding being on own not always easy, too much time to think and being bored too! The latter is not a case of nothing to do, just the lack of motivation or the will to do anything. Thankfully some days are better than others so not everything has come to a halt yet! Certainly last of couple of weeks, I’ve manage to catch up on some jobs that need to be done but only because the weather has been ok. Now the weather has changed ……………… ! 

Well that is enough for now, so please stay safe and take care. xx 


  1. What a year! KD, I really don't know what to say. I guess you're better off than many, though it's hardly ideal. You are right about the awful quality of politicians and leaders we have at present - getting rid of Trump should improve things in the UK, too. Look after yourself and yours. Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue, yes some year and not one to forget either. As for the idiot across the pond, one can hope! I hope you are well and staying safe too? Please take careand stay safe. K.D. xx