Wednesday, 19 August 2020

August 2020 - Still in limbo!

Well, not a lot has happened since last entry, but we start with a brief positive, M.R. now back in work and everything seems to be working as far as social distancing and various safety measures in place too. However, alas as I am still furloughed and so unsure whether I do have a job or not.  Now with the added combination of being on my own while M.R. at work and outside world situation is no where near normality so trying to plan in getting out has it challenges to say the least and you got to keep thinking twice of what you can or cannot do while out too. However, with the weather not always decent let alone good, that option does not come into play and there is a limit on how to keep yourself occupied at home! Sadly all this is getting to me and not good for your mental health either. I am in a state of limbo and not even considering K.D. wants either! Strangely I am writing this entry because I’m bored and the reality I have nothing to write about! ;-)

As for K.D. I try to keep the kindle spirit there as such as clearly the outside world situation not improving fast by any stretch of the imagination. I try to keep in contact with some girls but some of them, just don’t respond, so why do I write in the first place! You know girls, it is about two way communication but if you don’t want to stay in contact then be ‘lady’ enough to say so, a simple message only takes a few seconds and then we can both move on! I really have given up, chasing after people, I don’t have time for it. Fortunately, there are two / three girls who remain in contact and there is some light relief there although I am sure, we would admit, going around in circles with some of the topics that are discussed! :-)) Regardless, I do appreciate our chats and messages, keeps some sanity going.

In the meantime, I have been thinking about how to get out and meet a friend or two in the current climate. One thing for sure, it is fraught with challenges and difficulties to overcome especially when you got other people to consider too. One thing I have concluded, a daylight outing is easier to encounter for numerous reasons due to social distancing measures, along with staying outside too. In other words avoid indoor places! Well it seems pretty pointless to make the effort to go out and then end up having to wear a mask. Yes, it has its advantages, but hey, more likely to blend in as hides most of your face but that defeats object of the exercise of going out! Evening outings are at the time, just too risky especially if going to Bar / Pub / Club / Restaurant as it is clear as the night wares on, social distancing goes out of the window due to the usual reason of drinking affects people’s judgement! So to me that is a non starter. Visiting a friend at their home could be possible but ‘we’ would have to be choosey who that friend could be given ‘family and work’ social mixing considerations too. Clearly, we need to create a ‘bubble’ to minimise the risk and knowing who we meet in the everyday world and if its only a few people, then it may be possible I suppose. The key is attempting to reduce the risk as much as possible and meeting outside, daytime seems to be the most likely option. However, how many girls do I know go out during the day, answers on a £50 note, thank you!  So as I have written above, it is fraught with challenges and difficulties but they are there to overcome. 

As already mentioned, I have not been KD, let alone been out this year, so unusually no images have been taken either. This meant I have not been able to update my Flickr site with some recent images and it is difficult to upload any images from the past as they have uploaded already! So my Flickr site remains in limbo too but I have manage recently to put one image up from over 10 years ago which almost I could reproduce the look today. May be with a couple of extra face lines but nothing too drastic which I find encouraging. There is hope for me yet! :-))

Mentioning 10 years, recently with time and boredom on my hands, I just realised how long I (KD) have been out and about in the everyday world and it is actually 15 years this month! Longer than I realise but also accepting the trials and tribulations in arriving at this point too. At times, it was clearly difficult, very frustrating but also rewarding on occasions. Met some nice people along the way too but also “indescribables” too, along with girls who you think they were friends but actually not, as they don’t see you as a friend! However, ‘our’ world is no different to the real world so no surprise I suppose. Interestingly, the last eight months, yes eight months, is the longest I have never appeared as KD in all that time and it could be still some time yet before I do! The thing is, will I remember how to dress, put make-up on and do other girly things too when the time comes? Who knows the secret of the black magic box some would say! :-)) 

So I’ve rambled enough now and I will finish this entry with the same words I started , I am ‘still in limbo’! :-) 

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